Family Law

We handle all matters with respect to families, including:


- Divorce


The end of a marriage is a most difficult time for all concerned.  In Massachusetts, a marriage may be dissolved in one of two ways.  A Joint Petition for Divorce can be presented by the couple along with an Agreement negotiated by the parties with their attorneys that deals with all of the significant issues required by the Court.  If a couple is not able to reach such an agreement, then a Complaint for Divorce, rather than a Joint Petition, is filed with the Court.


In either case, we can assist you through this most emotionally difficult time.  We can help you obtain a fair and equitable resolution of all the issues that are important to you, including those related to the marital home, support of spouse and children, health insurance, debts, pension plans and retirement accounts, bank accounts, business ownership and other assets.


- Custody of Children


No issue is more important in a divorce than its impact on children.  The standard of the “best interest of the child” is one that the Courts always follow.  Parents are required to attend a class on the impact of divorce on children which will assist you in helping your child cope with the emotional impact of divorce.  


If you are not married, but have a child with your partner, you may have issues with custody, visitation and support.  We can help you by preparing the required Court filings and providing you with experienced representation.


- Child Support Issues


The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines calculate the amount you may receive as the custodial parent, or pay to the custodial parent, based on your income.




- Alimony Modifications


Massachusetts recently enacted an alimony law that specifies the duration that alimony is to be paid when required by the respective financial positions of a divorcing couple.


If you currently have an alimony obligation, we can counsel you as to whether this obligation can be terminated.  


- Pre and Post-Marital Agreements


Prior to entering into marriage, it may be appropriate for a couple to enter into a binding agreement which will specify their financial obligations to one another in the event of a divorce.  We can prepare the appropriate agreement for you that meets the standards required by the Court.


If you are contemplating a Divorce or feel that your original Judgment requires a Modification, please call for a consultation.