Criminal Defense

At Ward, Walsh & Rice PC, we provide strategic advocacy and aggressive counsel to individuals who are facing felony and misdemeanor criminal charges throughout Worcester, Franklin and western Middlesex Counties. Our lawyers understand how cases are assembled and the tactics used by prosecutors to build their case. We have successfully defended thousands of individuals in District and Superior Courts.

The criminal defense attorneys at Ward, Walsh & Rice, PC will take a strategic approach to your case, with an immediate focus on your freedom.  We always seek the best possible results in every criminal matter and have a strong history of success.  Talk to our attorneys to learn about your options.  To set up a no-cost evaluation, call us at (978) 343-7484 or (978) 630-1600.


Experienced Attorneys Offering Strategic Criminal Defense


Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in a wide variety of criminal matters, including:


- Drunk Driving Defense


The penalties for OUI/DUI are severe, even for a first offense. Driver's license suspensions are common. Our firm examines every aspect of arrest, to identify constitutional violations involved in the traffic stop or improper administration of field sobriety tests.


- Drug Crimes


We have a strong track record of success representing people charged with a variety of drug crimes, including drug possession, trafficking, intent to sell. We handle drug offenses involving cocaine, marijuana and prescription drug crimes.


- Violent Crimes


Our firm handles a variety of violent crime charges, including assault, battery, murder and domestic assault.


- Sexual Assault


Massachusetts has severe penalties for individuals convicted of sexual assault charges such as rape, statutory rape and indecent exposure. Individuals convicted of certain sex crimes are forced to register as sex offenders. Our attorneys aggressively defend against sex crimes while protecting the identity of the accused.

Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys at Ward, Walsh & Rice PC for a free consultation and case evaluation. We offer skilled, professional advocacy focused on your rights.